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Bed bugs - our solution


Our method is effective, odorless and silent. After a thorough inspection, any protein compound in the room gets destroyed and the bed bug spread stops thanks to one or more high-performance devices and a professional installation.

With the help of bed bug tracking dogs bed bugs can be located even in the smallest cracks. The dogs were specially trained and track the bugs based on their smell. The hit rate is 90% -100% - even with a low infestation.

The treatment is discreet, effective and does not damage the environment.

Bed bug infestation


Infestation suspected: What to do   

If bedbugs stung you during the holidays, you should definitely not take your luggage back to the apartment. The bedbugs would spread in your living room within a very short time. The entire luggage must instead be hermetically sealed in large garbage bags and thus prepared for treatment.


At mobilimmo plus GmbH * there is a cooling chamber for this, in which the luggage is treated for 7 days at approx. - 35 ° C and without chemicals. A technician must inspect all items that are not to be frozen. These items should be placed in a separate bag in advance so that your personal luggage does not have to be searched. Not suitable for freezing are for example: drinks, digital cameras, notebooks, plants etc.
Cold treatment can rarely cause damage, even if all precautions have been taken. We do not assume liability for these damages. Please label all baggage items as well.

*mobilimmo plus GmbH – Wylenstrasse 6 – 6440 Brunnen



Have you already brought your luggage to your apartment?


Immediate measures:

You should not spray chemical products, as some bed bugs will leave the room infesting the whole apartment and, in the worst case, the whole house. Glue the doorframe around and including the floor with adhesive tape. Press the tape firmly in the corners so that no hollow space is created underneath. For a wooden doorframe, the transition between the frame and the wall must also be sealed with adhesive tape. Then glue a double-sided adhesive tape over the adhesive tape, which acts as a barrier for the bed bugs. All untreated objects in the infested room may also be affected and should not be carried out of the room under any circumstances.


Bedbugs need a meal every three days. If you do not sleep in the room, the bedbugs will migrate and find new rooms in search of food. This is why a coordinated action is so crucial. Look for small droppings at the bed frame or slatted frame, which are about 1mm in size and appear as dark spots. If you find traces, you can moisten the finger and pass over it. If the spot can be removed, then it is clearly a trace of bed bug droppings. If you cannot find anything on the bed, then expand the search on the nearby furniture, closet, baseboards, pictures, etc. Internal corners, edges, cavities, fittings, seams, etc. are also used as hiding places.


Image: bed bugs and eggs


Image: Droppings of bed bugs


If you have any questions or doubts, please contact our staff at any time. We always strive to give our customers a competent advice and support.

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